Welcome to the Pickwick Mill

The Historic Pickwick Mill in Pickwick, Minnesota

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What we’ve been up to and what we’re excited about!

Closed for the Season

Thank you everyone who visited us, donated to us, visited us on Mill Day, or just told someone about us! We’re closing up the Mill for tours for the year[…]

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Where Did The Pond Go?

To minimize wear on the Pickwick Mill dam over Winter, Lake LaBelle was drawn down approximately 2.5 feet on Monday, October 18, 2021. The lake will be refilled after the[…]

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Mill Day Raffle Ticket Winners

$1 Tickets: $25- Kole Fabian $25- Sam Pettit $50- Jeff & Lisa Truax $100- Frank Fitch $5 Tickets: $250- Tina Gile $500- Rose Weideman $1000- Sharon Pozanc $10 Tickets ($840[…]

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